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"There is an unique place where the scenery and silence of Campanha Gaúcha converts into pure flavour."

Our Vineyeards

A new concept of creating quality wines emerges in Campanha Gaúcha, one of the best wine regions of South America.

In these faraway lands, where the Minuano wind blows during the winter and the intense sun burns in the summer, we have implemented 15 hectares of vineyards, with imported plants from France and Italy. 

Located in Maçambará, Itaqui´s neighbour county, Campos de Cima´s Farm has a unique terroir to produce high quality wine grapes.

The best vineyards

We believe that the best wines come from the best grapes, therefore our vineyards are treated and taken care of, focusing on a limited production/high quality philosophy.

Quality control

All grape and wine production is closely followed by the family. Campos de Cima also counts with French Winemaker´s Michel Fabre consulting experience, and with the local winemaker Iuri de Rosso.

The Terroir

We are in the far west of Rio Grande do Sul. Our region is known for its long plains and for having little to no mountains or elevations The weather and soul conditions are ideal for growing vitis-vinifera grapes.

The best weather

Our hot and dry summers allow a perfect and complete grape maturation. Our cold and severe winters feature its famous winds, which helps a complete dormancy of the plants. The great temperatures combined with a high solar intensity and a good and deep soil, favour a complete and sane growth of the grapes. These special conditions make Campanha Gaúcha one of the best places to produce high quality wines in Brazil.

Superior Wines

This terroir translates into well bodied red wines, refreshing and well balanced whites and rosés and high quality sparkling wines.

Wine Region

Campanha Gaúcha features 19 municipalities and already is the second biggest wine region in Brazil. Soon this region will also have a geographic denomination in their iconic wines, certifying their quality. .
To know more about this movement please visit Vinhos da Campanha Website.

Know more

Campanha Gaúcha features an unique history and a very rich nature. 

Vinícola Campos de Cima is located in Itaqui, one of the 19 municipalities of the region, at the margin of Uruguay River. A picturesque city with several beautiful places, like Prezewodoski Theatre - one of the most ancient theatres of latin america. Here you will also find the most beautiful sunset.

Come and visit our city and you will be surprised. To help you we have some suggestions of places to visit, to stay and taste our local food.




  • Teatro Prezewodowski

  • Trilha da Flotilha - passeio junto ao Rio Uruguai

  • Praça Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca

  • Igreja Matriz

  • Porto de Itaqui

  • Parcão

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